Top Dutch Solar Racing

We are TopDutch Solar Racing, a group of enthusiastic students from different educational levels and disciplines. Together with our partners we've built a solar car with which we competed in the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge 2019. This was our first year participating and we finished at 4th place! It's an excellent result for our first time and we're really proud. We believe that by working together you can achieve anything and we believe that's exactly what we've proven with this challenge!


Start of world solar challenge 2019

The car

Green Lightning

Our solar car has been built in less than two years. During those years our engineers have been doing the research, designing, prototyping, testing and optimizing, with the support of our helpful partners! With a super efficient electromotor, high-tech solar array with innovative coating, a battery box that we designed ourselves and a feather light carbon body we will take on the solar challenge in Australia.

green lightning 

Driven to get there

What does it take?

We started this project in February 2017 with four guys who had a dream; taking on a complex, innovative project in which they could take on a big technological challenge. By finding the right people to support their idea, gathering an ambitious team and focusing a lot on working together we’ve grown until what we are now. A close team, that works day and night on their road to Adelaide, on their road to putting the North of the Netherlands on the map!

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