We are Top Dutch Solar Racing!

We are a unique multidisciplinary team of motivated students with different fields of expertise, ranging from engineering to communication, that build a highly efficient solar car for solar challenges around the world.                         

Top Dutch Solar Racing is currently looking for new team members to participate in the next solar challenge 2023. Do you have what it takes to build our next solar car? Apply now!

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Green Spirit during the solar challenge morocco

Racing in Morocco!

After we received the unfortunate news that the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge 2021 was cancelled, we decided to keep fighting and look for an alternative race. Together with other European solar teams, we organized the Solar Challenge Morocco 2021. From October 25th until October 29th 2021 we raced 2500km through the Sahara desert and the Atlas mountains. Curious about our Moroccan adventures? Read our blogs!

Strategy trip Morocco 2021

Green Spirit

Green Spirit, TDSR's second solar car, was the result of persevering for two years during the tough corona pandemic. During those years, our engineers have done the research, designing, prototyping, testing and optimizing, with the support of our helpful partners! With a super efficient electromotor, high-tech solar array with innovative coating, a battery box that we designed ourselves and a feather light carbon body, we took on the solar challenge in Morocco!

Get to know Green Spirit!

green Spirit in the Moroccan desert

Driven to get there

What does it take?

This project started in February 2017 with four guys who had a dream; taking on a complex, innovative project in which they could take on a big technological challenge. By finding the right people to support their idea, gathering an ambitious team and focusing a lot on working together we’ve grown until what we are now. A close team, that works day and night on their road to Adelaide, on their road to putting the North of the Netherlands on the map!

Our partners!

This project wouldn't be possible without the help of all our wonderful partners. Get to know who are the backbone behind Top Dutch, by clicking the button below!

Get to know our partners!

Green Spirit during a control stop of the Solar Challenge Morocco

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