Inspiring the world and future generations to contribute to sustainable mobility has been our mission for a long time. Sharing this mission and the stories of why we do what we do is therefore something we love to do! 

Top Dutch Media representative Jamie Jankowsky

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Media representatives

Jamie Jankowsky

Jamie Jankowsky

Media & PR
Jamie is our main media representative and can help with answering all questions about our team and our participation in the Moroccan Solar Challenge.
+31 6 46494308
Alje Zwijghuizen

Alje Zwijghuizen

Creative Lead
Alje can provide you with information regarding the team, our races and basic technical information.
+31 6 31247775
Aymar Berkel

Aymar Berkel

Team manager
Aymar is here to provide you with all the information you need about the team, our foundation Solar Racing Groningen and what it is like to lead a big team in such a challenging project!
+31 6 39700150
Timo Kuizenga

Timo Kuizenga

Electrical Engineer & Driver
Do you have technical questions about our solar car, or would you like to know the ins and outs of being a solar car driver? Timo is here to answer any question you might have!
+31 6 11340417

Press Drive

Hundreds of pictures have already been taken during this project and many more will follow in the future. These pictures are a summary and a representation of our team, our work and the fun we have in doing this work. We collect our most beautiful footage in our media drive, which is free for all media and press to use.

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Team photographers Harjan and Caroline

Press during the Moroccan Solar Challenge

On September 25th, our team traveled to Morocco in preparation for the Solar Challenge Morocco, which will take place from October 25th until October 29th 2021. Even though the telephone and internet connection in Morocco are surprisingly good compared to the Australian outback, it is still a matter of waving your phone in the air to get the best service. This can cause some addition challenges when it comes to making phone and video calls. That's why we have some additional assistance from home at times when we're unable to answer the phone by ourselves, to keep the information flow going!