Green Spirit

With the Birdgestone World Solar Challenge 2021 being cancelled, there was an uncertainty whether or not to build a solar car. Luckily, a large group of teams put their heads together and managed to organize the Moroccan Solar Challenge 2021! 

Racing in this challenge was our beloved Green Spirit, the second Top Dutch solar car. She is a 4-wheeled mono-hull solar car, hand-build from scratch with carbon and glassfibre. With an 100% self-made electrical system and a nearly 100% self developed mechanical system, we put all our knowledge and skills into this car.

Green Spirit in the Moroccan desert

Where does the name Green SPirit come from?

With all the setbacks that team 2021 had experienced in their cycle, it was the motivation and the spirit of the team members that kept the project going. When thinking of a name for the new car, it therefore felt very suitable to go for Green Spirit, representing the perseverance of our team and the pride that we as team members carry with us.


Year of construction



200 kg


1.3 x 1.1 x 5 m

Hours of work


Top speed

110 km/h


Power: 1kW nominal, 10kW peak

Efficiency: 97,8%

Solar cells

Silicon Hetrojunction Cells with Smart Wire Connection Technology

Surface: 3,99 m2