Technical Manager

Technical Manager

Many different technologies, designs and parts come together in a solar car. As a technical manager you are responsible for ensuring that there is an integral design. You ensure that the mechanics team coordinates everything with the electronics team and vice versa. You ensure a tight schedule to maintain the technical progress and ensure that everyone knows and adheres to it.

In addition, you will often be in contact with companies to order parts and ensure that everything is delivered on time.

Are you:

  • Organized
  • Technically skilled
  • Results-oriented
  • A good listener
  • A leader

Do you dare to make decisions based on many different interests and information? Are you able to look ahead and anticipate the future? Do you provide an overview and do you know how to communicate this to others? Then you are suitable for this position! Technical knowledge is a must for this role!

Become Top Dutch Solar Racing: send an e-mail with your resume and motivational letter to This first round of the application process stops on the 5th of April!


Full time availability is necessary. Fortunately our educational partners find this project just as important as we do and you will receive a refund for a year on your tuition fees.