Team Manager

Team Manager

As the team manager you are ultimately responsible for the project. You are the one who keeps focus and gives direction. It's important that you are empathetic; you are the one who ensures that everyone on the team can perform to the best of their capabilities. To facilitate this you set up a coaching process and have many conversations. You'll get support from a professional in this role.

You are the team's face and with your enthusiasm you will talk about the project to everyone who is interested, including partners and press.

Are you:

  • Goal oriented
  • Communicative
  • Eager to learn
  • Empathetic
  • A born leader
  • Driven
  • Representative

Can you always keep the peace? Can you bring a diverse group of people together? Are you independent, honest and entrepreneurial? Do you have the required helicopter view? Aren't you afraid to admit that you don't know either? Then we think that you will be a very good candidate.

Become Top Dutch Solar Racing: send an e-mail with your resume and motivational letter to This first round of the application process stops on the 5th of April!


Full time availability is necessary. Fortunately our educational partners find this project as important as us, so you will receive a refund for a year on your tuition fees.