Mechanical Engineer

Mechanical Engineer

Mechanics includes both the aerodynamic design and all other mechanical systems of the car. Within this team you will work with complex components such as the motor, the steering system and the suspension. Next to that you ensure that the aerodynamic design of the solar car is as efficient as possible.

You work closely with other team members of both mechanics and electronics and you are a real problem solver. No challenge is too big for you and you like to look for the most efficient solution together. You want to experience the entire process, from designing, testing and optimizing.

Are you:

  • Technically skilled
  • A go-getter
  • A problem solver
  • Practical
  • Organized
  • Eager to learn

Do you have a passion for mechanics or aerodynamics? Are you a real go-getter and don't mind working hard? Do you want to help build the second solar car from the Northern Netherlands? Then you are a good fit in our mechanics team!

Become Top Dutch Solar Racing: send an e-mail with your resume and motivational letter to This first round of the application process stops on the 5th of April!


Full time availability is necessary. Fortunately our educational partners find this project just as important as we do and you will receive a refund for a year on your tuition fees.