Allround Communication Specialist

Allround Communication Specialist

As a member of the communication team you ensure that everyone knows about Top Dutch Solar Racing and what we do. You come up with a strategy and are responsible for implementing it. You know better than anyone how the story of our team can be carried outside!

You are willing to help with anything. You can write good content and understand the impact of good images. You are present at our own events (which you help organize) and at events of partners.

Are you:

  • Creative
  • Entrepreneurial
  • An all-rounder
  • Social
  • Representative

Are you enthusiastic and do you know how to make others enthusiastic about our story? Can you work well within a team? And do you know how to inform everyone? Then we are looking for you!


We are looking for several people for the communication team. Are you not the all-rounder who can edit cool videos, write catchy text, design cool posters and organize well? Don't be afraid. As long as you are willing to learn new things, ask for help and are really enthusiastic, we can always look at the possibilities.

Become Top Dutch Solar Racing: send an e-mail with your resume and motivational letter to This first round of the application process stops on the 5th of April!


Full time availability is necessary. Fortunately our educational partners find this project just as important as we do and you will receive a refund for a year on your tuition fees.