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Participating in The Bridgestone World Solar Challenge takes more than technical innovations, outside the box thinking and designing the perfect parts. It takes commitment, patience, ambition, perseverance, entrepreneurship and a lot of time. Not only do we need to build the perfect solar car, we also need to organize an entire travel for 25 people to Australia for two months; we need to find the right partners to work with; we need to make sure everyone can work together and we need to make sure our drivers are prepared for their challenge

That is what we are in for and that’s why this project is so valuable; countless opportunities to develop ourselves in order to get there, together.

world solar challenge 2019

Cancelation World Solar Challenge 2021

In the second week of February 2021, the organisation of the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge has made the decision to cancel this year's race due to the many risks and uncertainties that the COVID-19 pandemic brings along. As devastated as we are, we fully accept and respect the organisation's decision. 

In order to keep the spirits lifted, we are now in the process of gathering our thoughts and exploring alternatives. Whether this be an existing race somewhere else in the world, or maybe even organizing a race or multiple races of our own, we are keeping all options open. 

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3000 km through the outback

With a brand new solar car, we will take on the challenge to drive through the middle of Australia. From Darwin to Adelaide in (hopefully a little bit less than) 7 days. During the race, we can start driving at 8:00 and we have to stop at 17:00. During the day we encounter pit stops, where the team has a mandatory stop of 30 minutes in which no one can touch the solar car. At 17:00 we have to stop wherever we are, meaning we have to set up camp in the middle of nowhere and prepare for the next day.

Bridgestone World Solar Challenge 2019

In 2019, we participated for the very first time in the World Solar Challenge. It was an awesome experience in which we've learned a lot. Our most precious moments? Camping in the beautiful Australian outback. The energy of our team during the race. The moment we finished with Green Lightning in Adelaide. And the fact we made it, together.

We are extremely proud with the result of finishing in 4th place! After 2,5 years of hard work, commitment and passion we've proven exactly what we believe in; by working together you can achieve anything!

team at finish in adelaide (2019)

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