Our challenge

Participating in The Bridgestone World Solar Challenge takes more than technical innovations, outside the box thinking and designing the perfect parts. It takes commitment, patience, ambition, perseverance, entrepreneurship and a lot of time. Not only do we need to build the perfect solar car, we also need to organize an entire travel for 26 people to Australia for two months; we need to find the right partners to work with; we need to make sure everyone can work together and we need to make sure our drivers are prepared for their challenge. It’s the very first time we are competing and we have no experience to look back to nor previous team members who can help us out.

That is what we are in for and that’s why this project is so valuable; countless opportunities to develop ourselves in order to get there, together.

It's more than building a solar car

the bridgestone world solar challenge 2019

The Bridgestone World Solar Challenge is an event that takes place every two year. Teams from all over the world participate with solar cars they built themselves. There are different classes and we participate the Challenger class. The challenge is to build a car that fits one person which can drive through Australia as fast as possible. We chose this class because of the technical challenge that it consists. It's only a few days left until the start of the solar challenge on October 13th.

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