Solar Challenge Morocco Day 4

Solar Challenge Morocco Day 4

After a very short and troublesome night, we started the fourth day of the Solar Challenge Morocco. Yesterday, we took a roundtrip through Merzouga and passed the beautiful sand dunes of the Sahara. Ranked 5th at the beginning of the day, we headed back West towards Zagora again today.

The desert can be an unpredictable and dangerous place. From very hot days to ice cold nights, travelers should be prepared for any situation. Yesterday evening, we got some first-hand experience of the wild side of the desert. After dinner, we usually start preparing our car for the next day, have briefings or take a little bit of rest. Last night, however, a heavy sand storm changed our plans. Everything started with rain, something we least expected in the Sahara. What followed were strong gusts of wind and a thunderstorm. Blinded by the sand that flew through the air, we tried to reach Green Spirit to keep her safe. Our technical heroes didn’t even seem to notice the storm, they worked on our car while others held the tent and shielded Green Spirit from the sand. Others sought rescue in our convoy cars. We actually ended up sleeping there as well since some of our tents got destroyed and we didn’t feel safe to sleep outside. Anyone who has ever slept in a car probably knows how our night went. Quite tired and exhausted, we started our fourth day – yet again at 6am.

Team members protecting Green Spirit from the sand storm

At 8:12, we left Merzouga and said goodbye to the Sahara. From there, we headed back towards Zagora, where we also spent the night after day 1. After a short while of driving, we took a strategic charging break and were surprised to run into Sonnenwagen Aachen who chose the exact same spot. While Green Spirit was taking in all the sun she could get, our team members stocked up their snack stash and bought some souvenirs from a local merchant. We finally wished Aachen good luck and left our charging spot with new-found energy.

Green Spirit passing a puddle on the road

On our way to Zagora, we passed a very busy market which was a special challenge for our support cars. They had to make sure that Green Spirit could pass undisturbed. The locals actually thought we were shooting a movie since our media team stood at the side of the road with yellow warning vests and cameras while holding people back from walking on the street. We were successful and so Green Spirit continued on her way West.

Green Spirit passing a Moroccan market

At around 1:15pm, driver Maurice and Green Spirit reached the control stop after Twente, Agoria, Vattenfall and Chalmers. We are quite happy with this intermediate result and continued after exactly 15 minutes with our driver Timo. At 3:12pm, we passed Chalmers who was standing at the side of the road, this means we’re in 4th place now! We could defend this new position until we arrived at Zagora at exactly 18:18:18.

We are proud that we're back in the game and could work ourselves out of the rut of the last days. Tomorrow is the last day of the race and our goal is to keep our current positioning and drive over the finish to officially complete this adventure we have been dreaming of for so long.