Solar Challenge Morocco Day 3

Solar Challenge Morocco Day 3

A quick update about the current status of the race and the challenges we are facing at the moment.

Earlier this day we were charging our solar car at the side of the road. Though the mountains of yesterday were no problem for Green Spirit, we still lack energy to finish this race day.

Our solar car is very safe and can drive without trouble, though we did expect a more efficient vehicle. Partly due to the COVID-19 pandemic we experienced a lot of setbacks, which resulted in us not having enough time to fully test and optimize our solar car.  

These “finishing touches” - the minute and delicate details that increase a solar car’s efficiency almost exponentially - are what separate the wheat from the chaff. Unfortunately we weren’t able to hone our car as much as we wanted to before starting the Solar Challenge Morocco.


UPDATE: At 5:37 we arrived back at the camp in Merzouga after having trailered Green Spirit through the Sahara desert. This leaves us at 5th place in the overall ranking. Co-race lead Calvin Beijering is positive about the second half of the race: "During the last days, we learned a lot about how our car behaves in this new environment and what we can do to continue the race successfully. Right now we’re working on making small improvements to Green Spirit so we can finish the challenge at the end of the week."