Challenge: blog #1

Challenge: blog #1

The day we have been working towards to for more than two years has finally come: the start of the Bridgestone Word Solar Challenge! Yesterday, on October 13th, we left the starting line in Darwin at pole position and began our 3022km journey across the Australian continent. All of our team members are excited and pumped to finally start and give our best during the next days.

The day started out early: at 5.30am, Green Lightning was already at the State Square, waiting for its departure at 8.30am. Other solar teams and their cars joined, and soon the whole place was crowded with press and visitors. We had a great time talking to all the people who came by! Then, it was finally time for Green Lightning to find its way out of Darwin, together with our first driver Vincent.

During the whole first day of the challenge, it was a head-on-head with the other Benelux teams Solar Team Twente, Vattenfall Solar Team and Agoria Solar Team. While Twente got a good head start and took us over fairly quickly, we managed to stay in the top 3 during our time till the first control stop. 37 seconds before Agoria, our team entered the first control stop in Katherine on second position!

After the obligatory 30 minutes wait, our next driver Ruben got himself into position and our convoy started driving again. Next stop: the control stop at Daly Waters. While we were able to gain time and distance between the other solar cars, Vattenfall was keeping up. Green Lightning arrived 25 minutes after Twente and two minutes before Vattenfall at Daly Waters; a temporary Dutch podium!

Since it was already 4.30pm when Kevin, our third solar car driver for the day, started driving and the allowed driving time is till 5pm, our scout had to find a camp spot as soon as possible. We were lucky and camped at Dunmarra, a camping location with toilets, showers and electricity. However, we were not alone: our team shared the spacious spot with Vattenfall and Agoria, who managed to stay close to us and arrive at the same place. Overall, we were really happy with how the day went and how we managed to keep up with the top teams of the challenge!

After a great dinner and catching some sleep, the second day of the challenge commenced. Our tech guys got up very early to put the solar car into the sun at 6.14am, together with the other solar teams. Because we drove one minute over the allowed time, we started our second race day at 8.01am, at the same time as Vattenfall. Vattenfall took the second position, with us being very close on third and Belgium on fourth. We expect to arrive at the next control stop, Tennant Creek, around 12pm Australian time.

Do you want to know how the rest of the second race day goes and if we manage to overtake Vattenfall again to gain back our second position? Read our blog tomorrow to find out!

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