Electrical Engineer

Since 2017, Top Dutch Solar Racing has been striving to accelerate the energy transition by contributing to a sustainable future by engineering and building solar cars.

We are a multidisciplinary solar racing team from the North of the Netherlands, connected to the University of Groningen, Hanzehogeschool, Noorderpoort, Alfa-college and ROC Friese Poort.

We pioneer in new technologies and engineer to the extremes to build the world's most efficient and reliable solar-powered car. We battle against top-teams during solar challenges worldwide. Our main race will be the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge (BWSC) in 2023.

Vacancy Electrical Engineer

What does it take?

We are looking for electrical engineers who are incredibly motivated and passionate about building the electrical system of a solar car. Top Dutch Solar Racing has a network of alumni who are eager to welcome the newest generation of TDSR team members. Together with a multidisciplinary team, you will be working fulltime to achieve the goal of engineering, building and racing with your own solar car. This is an incredible experience of 1.5 years, during which you make the unimaginable a reality!

So what would your tasks as an electrical engineer be?

An electrical engineer is, as the name suggests, responsible for the electrical system. The electrical system is what powers the car. It harvests the power of the sun with the solar deck, stores it in the battery, which powers the motor, the human machine interface, the lighting system etc. All these parts have to communicate and work together with each other and are developed in-house by the electrical engineers at Top Dutch Solar Racing with efficiency and reliability as their main priority. Therefore, electrical engineers have a huge role in creating a safe and competitive car!

Are you:

  • Technically skilled
  • Results-oriented
  • Eager to learn
  • A team player
  • Experienced in designing PCBs
  • Experienced in Altium (is a prĂ©)
  • (Proficient in English)

We offer:

  • A spot in an incredibly motivated and multidisciplinary team
  • An open and transparent work environment which appreciates your creative input and feedback
  • Real-life implementation of your ideas
  • Innovate with the newest technologies available to speed up sustainable innovations
  • One and a half months in Australia*
  • Participation in Solar Challenges, including the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge Australia 2023*

* The Bridgestone World Solar Challenge 2021 was cancelled due to COVID-19. We cannot offer the certainty that the 2023 edition will go through or whether the goal is to participate in the 2023 edition.

Participation in the team requires a full-time commitment for this project. The whole project takes around 1.5 years, during which you are not able to take courses. However, minors, internships, and graduation assignments are possible to complete as part of the project.

Are you that enthusiastic team member that we are looking for? Send an email with your CV and motivation letter to become@solarracinggroningen.nl